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Silk Press Near Me

The Benefits of  Silk Press

Are you looking for an effortless, sleek look for your hair? A silk press is the perfect way to achieve this. A silk press is a hairstyle where natural hair is straightened with a flat iron and sealed in with a lightweight oil or serum. At our hair salon, we believe that the benefits of a silk press are worth considering when it comes to styling your locks. Let’s break down why this style is so beneficial. 

Versatile Style Options 


A major plus to getting a silk press at  our hair salon is its versatility. With this style, you can choose whether you want your hair to be left straight or curled. If you decide to curl it, any type of curling iron works great on the silky texture of the hairs and gives off an effortless look! Additionally, you can also rock this style with accessories like headbands and scarves. The possibilities are endless! 

Long Lasting Results 


Another benefit of getting a silk press at our hair  salon is that it provides long-lasting results. When done correctly by one of our professional stylists, it can last up to two weeks without having to be redone! This means that if you get it done once every two weeks, you won’t have to worry about styling your own hair each day—just simply refresh your curls with a few spritzes of water and some light oil or serum if needed in between appointments. 

Healthier Hair 


The final benefit we want to discuss regarding getting a silk press at our salon is that it helps keep your hair healthier overall. This style requires using high heat tools such as flat irons but our stylists use products specifically designed for protecting against heat damage while still providing optimal results. This not only keeps your mane from being damaged by daily styling but also helps maintain moisture in your strands which will leave them looking healthy and shiny! 


At House of Jave Salon, we are committed to providing our clients with the best  silk press near me services.We believe that a silk press can help you achieve an effortless style without having to worry about styling your hair every day. The versatility of this style as well as its long-lasting results and healthier hair benefits make it worth considering when it comes time for a new look!

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